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We will help you develop, program and implement automation based on following robotics:

This is how we work

Implementation of an optimized protocol is a process that we have split into following steps:
New workflow design

The novel approach is an answer to more and more demanding protocols, increasing complexity and quantity of variables to test.

Workflow design is crucial to match to requirements with the actual equipment, its capabilities and distill the synergistic interactions between robotics, software and experiments to be performed.

Tests and process implementation

Second phase is bringing already the design to the real world.

Process implementation phase is the stage at which the planned workflow is introduced into real equipment and validation tests are performed. This allows to prove the principle and effectiveness of the obtained implementation strategy.

Developing programs and routines

Third phase is the most demanding process in which the very heart of the systems comes alive.

In this phase all resources are directed into machine programming and software development. Creation of the easy-to-use user interfaces and bulletproof, powerful programs is the defining factor of ELEVATE.

Full automation

At this point the whole system is ready to start and perform tests. Minor improvements are implemented in the following weeks.

Automation to the highest extetn is achieved by synchronization of the programmed devices, developed software and the technicians that will be running the developed system. Training the staff is the most important step of this phase.

The first estimate

After outlining the general idea and goals to be met, we are sketching first designs to assess the extent and feasibility of the project.

Your requirements

We take into account all the requirements and discuss the possibilities as well as challenges that can be met and overcame.


The fine-tuning step involves many compatibility tests, proof of principle experiments and validations in order to find the perfect solution.

Product launch!

Final design created on the basis of the obtained path is brought into real world by the work of our skilled specialists.

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We love releasing potential of innovation in wide range of laboratories. We are providing guidance and services related to lab automation.
Thousands of data points harnessed and analysed automatically.
Experiment automation from test design to final results.
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